Harrison Beds - Half price clearance

  • £699.00
  • Save £690

Harrison Beds display clearance to make room for 2019 stock, strictly limited stock. Click on bed name for further details.

Harrison beds don’t start out life in a factory, but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire. Here Harrison rear sheep for their wool and grow the fibres that go into their mattress fillings. They don’t do this because it is easier. It takes them a year to grow the ingredients for one mattress. Harrison beds do it because better ingredients make a better bed. With over 100 years of experience, they’ve learned that if they're going to make a beautiful bed, they've got to do it all themselves.

Beds available: 

Austwick 6700
5'0” [king] 2 Drawer divan bed

Was £1389 - Now £699 

Heligan 7700
5'0” [king] complete divan bed

Was £1549 - Now £779


----- Discounted -----

Granada 8200
5'0” [king] 2+2 divan bed

Was £1859 - Now £1399


------- SOLD ------

Almeria 3200 #SOLD#
5'0” [king] 2+2 divan bed

#SOLD# Was £1429 - Now £719  #SOLD#


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