Small Double Mattresses (4'0")

The Small Double Mattress (4'0" x 6'3" / 120 x 190cm) is perfect for those looking for a larger bed for a single person. Sometimes referred to as a Queen Size Mattress these mattresses are ideal for giving room to stretch out without taking up too much room space.

All small double mattresses are also available as complete divan beds

What size is a small double mattress?

The size of our small double mattresses are 120cm wide and 190cm long. In imperial measurements, this is 4 feet 0 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long (4'0" x 6'3") making it the same length as a single mattress, but 30cm / 12in wider. This size of mattress is often referred to as a queen sized mattress - not to be confused with the American term for queen size which often actually means a UK king size mattress. The small double mattress is a popular choice amongst teenagers as it gives that extra room to spread out without taking up too much space in the bedroom. 

Types of small double mattresses

We stock a wide selection of small double mattresses with the most popular choices being traditional open coil models, pocket sprung models, and memory foam models. Many of our pocket spring models are also memory foam topped or memory foam encapsulated - giving a firmer feel to these mattresses.

All our mattresses are UK made and are standard small double sized. All our small double mattresses can also be purchased as complete beds, with several package deal beds also available as small double size.

How to choose a small double mattress

As with all mattresses nothing beating visiting our store to try our models in person. 5 star reviews generally mean a mattress is of good quality but this tells us nothing about person preference to mattress firmness or feel. Mattress firmness is a major factor to the comfort of a mattress with your ideal choice being a mix of your body size, age, and general preference from what you have slept on previously in life.

Small double mattresses make a great option for those looking to stretch out whilst saving space. Pocket sprung mattresses are the most comfortable and supportive for most people, with all types of fillings available including memory foam, latex, gel and natural fillings. Our firm mattresses are ideal for those looking for a more orthopaedic mattress feel, with all shown models available in store.

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What is a Queen size mattress?

A 4ft small double mattress or 4ft bed is commonly know as Queen size. In recent times the term queen size has been used to describe King Size 5ft or Super King 6ft beds, but this has come across from US influences, with queen size traditionally being 4ft in the UK (120 x 190cm).

Queen size beds & mattresses are best for people who like to sleep on their own but want that bit of extra room to stretch out.