Call in store to see our extensive carpet range, all available with free fitting when bought with underlay. Not sure of dimensions, we offer a free no obligation measuring service. We have approximately 1000 carpet samples available in store so you are bound to find a few that you love, feel free to take samples home to see how they compliment your home.

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Whole Home Furniture

As a whole home furnisher we can take some of the hassle out of a whole room renovation. If you have purchased other items such as bedroom furniture, beds or sofas etc from our store then we can arrange your carpet fit so that we fit your new flooring in the morning and then deliver your furniture in the afternoon, minimising the hassle and time taken out of your week. 

Easy Living Ranges

All our easy living carpets are bleach cleanable and come with extended stain and wear guarantees. All our carpets made from polypropylene yarns carry the 7-20 Year Stain Warranty. They can be cleaned with a solution of bleach and have built-in resistance to staining, which means you’ll be covered against stains from household food and drink spillages. To give you that extra peace of mind, the Wear Warranty will cover the carpet for abrasive fibre loss from the carpet pile.

Wool Carpets

Natural, versatile and ideal for all around the home, our wool carpets are available in a choice of plain, flecked and heather shades. Wool is a natural choice due to its in-built resilience, which enables it to bounce back and recover from foot traffic. All the wool yarns used in our carpets are treated with a moth resistant coating for extra peace of mind.

With a quality feel underfoot, wool carpets are the perfect carpet choice for any home. You can learn more about our wool carpets through our Wool Loop and Wool Twist ranges. 

Underlay - a carpet’s best friend

It is essential that your new carpet is laid on a new good quality underlay. This will ensure that you get maximum wear and excellent appearance, as well as providing heat and acoustic benefits. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you will save money by utilising your old carpet underlay unless you know for sure it is in good condition. It will probably have little, if any, life left in it and certainly next to no bounce or resilience.

Where is our Carpet Shop?

Our quality carpet store is part of our main shop in Connah's Quay, on the ground floor with easy access - including parking right outside the door if required.

Whether you are after a 100% Natural Wool carpet, an easy living bleach cleanable carpet, or a soft saxony carpet we have a wide selection of shades, styles and pile depths for you. Our expert team can advise you on suitable carpet for your needs, whether its extra heavy domestic use (stairs) or a soft absorbing Saxony (ideal for bedrooms).

We measure and fit quality carpets throughout Deeside, Flintshire and the whole of North East Wales, Cheshire and Wirral. 

Free Fitting with Underlay

Whether you're after fitted carpet or vinyl we've got you covered. All our carpet models are available with free fitting when purchased with any of our underlays. Our carpet fitting price without underlay is a flat £3.99 per square metre, with a small surcharge for stairs. Vinyl is available with fitting for £5.00 per square metre.

Search by Carpet Type or Carpet Colour

You can browse our carpet categories here, divided into colours available or the type of carpet you are looking for:

  • Berber Carpets - Berber carpet is a durable and versatile flooring option known for its looped pile construction. It offers a unique texture, excellent resilience, and a timeless aesthetic appeal to any space.
  • Saxony Carpets - Saxony carpet is a plush and luxurious flooring choice characterised by its dense and even cut pile. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, providing a soft and indulgent underfoot experience.
  • Twist Pile Carpets - Twist pile carpet features twisted yarns that create a textured and resilient surface. It offers durability, hiding footprints and vacuum marks well. With its versatile style, it adds both comfort and visual appeal to any space.
  • Velvet Carpets - Velvet carpet exudes opulence with its luxurious and smooth cut pile. Its velvety texture adds a touch of elegance to any room, creating a sumptuous and inviting atmosphere.
  • Wool Carpets - Wool carpet is a natural and sustainable flooring choice. It offers warmth, softness, and exceptional durability. Its inherent resilience and ability to repel stains make it a popular and timeless option for homes.
  • Wool Loop Carpets - Loop carpets are ideal for rooms in which stylish design and texture are desired. Extremely durable and practical, loop carpets provide maximum durability for high-traffic areas with lots of activity.
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  • Green Carpets
  • Red Carpets