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Classic Wool Twist in both heather and plain shades suitable for all areas of the home. Moth resistant and with the natural resilience of wool, Lyndon Twist is available in plain shades and is suitable for Extra Heavy Domestic use. Lyndon Twist is available in two weights: 32oz and 42oz pile weights.

  • Made from 80% pure new wool, 10% polypropylene and 10% tuftbond.
  • Moth proof (Eulan treated).
  • 1/10th Gauge Heavy Domestic Carpet
Standard Supreme
Pile Height: 5.8mm
Carpet Thickness: 8.5mm
Pile Weight: 32oz
Heavy Domestic
Pile Height: 6.8mm
Carpet Thickness: 9.4mm
Pile Weight: 42oz
Extra Heavy Domestic

Tog Rating:
1.20 - Standard

1.40 -Supreme

Woven Secondary
Pile Content:
80% Wool, 10% Polypropylene, 10% Polyester





 Also available under the name "Wool Rich Plain" 

Fine 10th Gauge Wool Twist Carpet in 3 pile weights 32oz and 42oz. 80% Pure New Wool 10% Polypropylene 10% Tuftbond

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