Interest Free Credit

0% APR interest free credit available


Coast Road Furniture can offer 10 or 12 months interest free credit for in store purchases. As with all interest free finances please do fully consider the contract before signing as although this can be a helpful way to spread payments, missing payments can have a painful cost. If you have any questions we would be happy to advise you.

You can spread the cost over 10 or 12 months for purchases of over £250 with 0% APR representative and no arrangement fees or hidden extras.

You do not have to pay in full until you have received your product anyway so we can offer a shorter form of spaced payments that way also with only a 10% deposit required on the purchasing day. 

What is interest free credit?

Interest-free credit, also known as 0% APR financing, is a financial arrangement that allows individuals to borrow money without incurring any interest charges during a specific period. 

During this period, borrowers are only required to make minimum monthly payments to maintain their account in good standing, in our case this is the sale value divided into 10 or 12 equal payments.

It is crucial to understand that interest-free credit is not permanent. If the borrowed amount is not fully repaid within the interest-free period, the remaining balance will become subject to the standard interest rate specified in the agreement.

Interest-free credit can be a useful tool for managing expenses, making large purchases more affordable, or consolidating debt.

What can interest free credit be used on in store?

All of our furniture and flooring can be purchased using interest free credit, either with partial credit or for the entire purchase.