At Coast Road Furniture we pride ourselves on our service and choice of furniture. The vast majority of the furniture we have on offer in store is UK manufactured, which has numerous benefits including:

Better for the environment

The shorter the distance your furniture travels the smaller its carbon footprint is. There are also tougher rules here in the UK than many places with regards to the use of ethical (FSC) wood etc.

British Beds & Mattresses

Faster Delivery

Unlike ranges that need to travel halfway around the world on a container ship our British ranges often travel less than 150 miles to reach your door, minimising the travelling portion of your waiting time vastly.

British Suites, Sofas and Arm Chairs

Guarantees of Quality

When looking for furniture you always want it to be of the highest standard. British made furniture is held to strict safety standards meaning that both the insides and the covering of your furniture must pass numerous tests before it reaches us. 

Bedroom Furniture - Including Wardrobes

Supports Local Jobs

When you buy British your money stays in the UK, supporting the local economy and local jobs - adding a feel good factor to your purchase.

Carpets with Free Fitting


Across our 4 floors you will find many beautiful British built ranges, such as:

  • Beds & Mattresses - 100% of our models are UK Made, all being made within 100miles of our store
  • Bedroom Furniture - 80% of our models are UK made, with a significant number made here in North Wales
  • Sofas & Armchairs - 85% of our range is UK made, which includes several Welsh models
  • Carpet & Flooring - 90% of our flooring is UK manufactured, with much travelling less than 50miles to reach our store
  • Mobility - 95% of our motion chair and bed ranges are British built, fitted with 5 or more years guarantees.

*Figures from models on display March 2023