Super King Size Mattresses

The Super King Size Mattress (6'0" x 6'6" / 180 x 200cm) is perfect for those looking to really stretch out with plenty of personal space even when two people are in bed. These mattresses are the largest size available, with the majority of our models available in this size.

All super king size mattresses are also available as complete divan beds

The Super King Size Mattress

When it comes to sleep, having ample space to stretch out and relax is essential. Enter the super king size mattress, a sleeping solution designed for those who crave extra room and ultimate comfort. Super king size mattresses are the epitome of spaciousness, offering the largest sleeping surface available. With dimensions typically measuring 180cm (72 inches) wide by 200cm (80 inches) long. These mattresses provide abundant room for individuals or couples to stretch out without feeling cramped. Whether you prefer to sleep in a sprawling position or share your bed with a partner or pets, the generous space offered by a super king size mattress ensures you have plenty of room to move and find your perfect sleep position.

Enhanced Comfort and Support 

Beyond the size advantage, super king size mattresses excel in providing superior comfort and support. These mattresses are often constructed with high-quality materials, such as memory foam, latex, or hybrid combinations, to deliver exceptional pressure relief and body contouring. The added surface area allows for more layering and customisation, enabling a balance of cushioning comfort and optimal spinal alignment. With a super king size mattress, you can indulge in a sleep experience that caters to your unique comfort needs, ensuring a truly restorative night's rest.

Ideal for Couples and Families

Super king size mattresses are particularly popular among couples and families. The generous dimensions offer enough space for two individuals to sleep comfortably without disturbing each other's sleep. It also allows parents to accommodate children who may occasionally join them during the night. Whether you desire a more spacious sleep surface for yourself or need to accommodate multiple sleepers, a super king size mattress provides the ideal solution for a harmonious and undisturbed sleep experience.

Is Super King Size for you?

Super king size mattresses combine ample space, enhanced comfort, and exceptional support, making them a dream-worthy investment for a truly indulgent and rejuvenating sleep sanctuary.

Interest Free Credit

All our super king size mattresses of £250 or more are available with 12 month interest free credit options (in store only)