Resistant 8mm Underlay

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This 8mm underlay is great for instances where doors cannot be adjusted (fire doors in new built apartments etc). Suitable for all all uses besides stairs and heavily walked areas such as front doors.

8mm may be light in weight, but your feet would never know – they’ll simply enjoy the
warm, soft comfort this fantastic underlay offers! This PU underlay retains its ability to spring back much better than a typical sponge rubber product, to help your carpet keep
that ‘just-fitted’ look.

With 100% recyclable polyurethane foam, this eco-friendly underlay improves the environment in more ways than one.

Thickness: 8mm
Density: 79kg/m3
Sound Reduction: 32dB
Tog: 2.18 tog

Guarantee: 15 Years

All our carpets come with Free Fitting when purchased with Underlay

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