Arbroath Wool Collection

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Available across two qualities, Supreme (40oz) and Regal (50oz), this wool twist carpet comes in 2.5, 4 and 5 metre widths – minimising waste and saving money.

Delivering comfort and resilience at its best with a finer velvet finish and in a modern palette which includes rich shades. This range also benefits from a 10 (for Supreme) /12 (for Regal) year residential wear warranty and a moth resistant warranty for peace of mind.

Arbroath Wool comes in 20 colours including rich shades such as Cardinal, Sea Blue and Sage Green. The collection comes with solid rich shades and benefits from a soft fleece backing.

Tog Rating:
Supreme: 1.54 | Regal: 1.65
Fleece Soft Bac
Pile Content:
80% Wool, 15% Polypropylene, 5% Polyester


Full carpet thickness 10mm

An exquisite cut-pile twist carpet from Wilton Royal by Abingdon Flooring, Arbroath Wool is essential for any homeowner looking for quality and longevity in a wool carpet. The high-quality yarn achieves a fine velvet finish to deliver value without compromising on the wool’s remarkable resilience and unique natural look with weights of 40oz and 50oz giving excellent resistance to flattening and compression.

In a wide selection of 22 colours ranging from sophisticated neutrals to bold shades of red, green and green, Arbroath Wool has an option for even the most eventful rooms in the home

Benefits of a Wool Carpet

Wool is naturally insulating so a wool carpet will reduce heat loss and noise, and as wool absorbs Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) found in the atmosphere, they also improve air quality. Wool is also naturally flame resistant and won’t produce toxic fumes making it a safe option to use in all areas throughout your home.

It’s easily maintained and has resistance to soiling due to the natural oils already present in the fibre, so responds well to cleaning. And wool has more resilience than most other fibres which means it has loads of natural “bounce back” qualities withstanding lots of foot traffic or furniture without really flattening. Lastly, wool is also a natural, renewable, resource, so it’s eco-friendly as well as making your home a truly comfortable environment.

Fleece Backing

Our soft fleece backing is a unique premium backing made by fusing together a fleece layer and a woven polypropylene backing, like our standard secondary backing. It combines advantages of these materials making it strong and stable as well as soft and insulating. The softer finish is also easy to install, and improves its heat and noise insulation as well as making carpets last longer.

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