Aruba | 100% Wool

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An all-natural, 100% wool berber loop style carpet that showcasing the finest, natural quality, made in Great Britain. Wool is one of the most versatile natural fibres available providing sound absorption, controlling moisture in the atmosphere and absorbing Volatile Organic Compounds from the atmosphere. Available in 12 natural colourways, this carpet will stay naturally beautiful for longer, with its springy structure to bounce back from even high traffic areas. Perfect for hallways and staircases.

Available in 2.5, 4 and 5m widths to minimise any wastage. With a heavy domestic rating, this carpet will look good in any living area and for extra comfort it is backed with a soft fleece back.

Wool is naturally stain resistant, which means that most stains can be easily removed using water and an approved spot cleaning spray. Even mud is easy to remove – simply let it dry and vacuum. As with all carpets, dab and spot, never rub. 

Tog Rating:
Soft Fleece Bac
Pile Content:
100% Wool


Carpet depth: 10mm

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