Brisbane Twist Collection 80|20

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This beautiful twist pile collection is an 80% wool and 20% polypropylene mix. Its high wool content means it is hard wearing, yet soft under foot. Wool keeps its appearance for longer and offers warmth and comfort to any room.

Offered in two weights - Standard (40oz) and Supreme (50oz) – both are available in a beautiful collection of contemporary colours, each with a heather effect that brings your floor to life.

Tog Rating:
Supreme: 1.53 | Standard: 1.57
Pile Content:
80% Wool, 20% Polypropylene



With a palette inspired by the natural earthy tones of Yorkshire ironstone, Brisbane is a beautiful collection of contemporary-looking designs with a flecked effect adding a subtle mix of style into your heather coloured carpet.

Soft underfoot, decorative, and stylish, Brisbane is the perfect choice of floor covering to make your interiors feel cosy and welcoming. With twelve practical heather colours, from light hues to dark tones, this wool-rich collection is ideal for hallways and stairs and looks fresh and modern throughout the home.

The Brisbane Range offers twelve different delightful colours, all of which can be seen below. We have both lighter and darker tones to suit whichever colour you desire. Your carpet choice can have a significant impact on the décor that you decide to choose, and sometimes it is not easy coming up with ideas, that is why we have created an inspirations page, to give you some creative thoughts and help you along the way, because decorating a new room, and getting a new carpet should be exciting.

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