Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow

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Deep 100% breathable Dunlopillo latex pillow for instant pressure relief with a soft washable cover for extra comfort.

This model is now discontinued and has been replaced by this newer model

The Super Comfort pillow is a luxury latex pillow that offers deep, firm support for the head and neck.  Recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their sides.

The unique 'pincore' construction and galaxy a of tiny inter-connecting air cells provide a built-in ventilation system which means that Dunlopillo latex pillows stays cool and fresh throughout the night.  

Dunlopillo pillows are made with superior Dunlopillo Latex. Unlike memory foam, latex has instant bounce back. Latex is a natural rubber polymer that returns to shape time after time and offers you unrivalled comfort and support.

This pillow is incredibly resilient, offering excellent durability and comes complete with a washable cotton and polyester cover.

5 Year Guarantee.
Approx 44cm x 70cm

Very Limited Stock Remaining - Super Comfort | Latex Deep Pillow - SOLD OUT

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