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Heatwave Underfloor heating Underlay

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Fire safety comes first
HeatWave is designed to be safer if a fire breaks out in the home, thanks to its flame retardant properties…so there’s no need to worry about hidden dangers under your floor if the worst should happen.

That soft feeling...
HeatWave is made from very pure polyurethane foam, so is very soft and gives unbeatable underfoot comfort…sitting on your carpet will feel like sitting on your sofa!

Heatwave under the floor 
HeatWave has a tog value of only 1.2, which allows underfloor heating to work away at keeping the room nice and warm.

HeatWave doesn’t stop bouncing back…it performs really well under pressure, retaining its ability to spring back. So your carpet will look like new for much longer!

The holes punched in this underlay make it breathable, so it improves air circulation and contributes to better air quality in the home.


Thickness: 8mm

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