Invincible New Sateen

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This carpet feels soft to touch but is made from a quality, hardwearing, 2-ply yarn. It comes in a gorgeous new 16 colour palette of solid plain shades and it also has the benefit of being on a fleece back and comes in 2.5, 4 & 5 metre widths.

The range comes with a 10 year wear warranty, a lifetime stain warranty (residential use) and the benefit of being bleach cleanable (using a 50% bleach/50% water solution).

Tog Rating:
Fleece Soft-Bac
Pile Content:
100% Polypropylene


Stainfree New Sateen benefits from a new and improved, soft and silky yarn that feels gorgeous to the touch. A colour palette comprised of the best in modern neutrals means there’s an option to suit any style choice in decoration, all with the added performance that comes with the Stainfree for Life Guarantee for luxury and performance guaranteed.

Carpet Depth: 16mm
Carpet Weight: 60oz

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