Silentnight Sorrento Eco 1600 | King Size Mattress

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The Dreamworld Sorrento Eco 1600 combines Silentnight's exclusive Mirapocket technology with their sustainable Eco Comfort fibres for complete comfort and support throughout the night. The Eco Comfort fibres are designed to help evaporate any moisture through the breathable border maintaining a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Mattress Depth: 30cm / 12in

Firmness: Medium/Firm

This mattress is Non-Turn

Mirapocket 1600 Spring System - Each mattress with Mirapocket technology contains individual small springs, which are housed in their own separate fabric pockets. Each spring helps to spread your weight evenly across the bed providing the perfect, firm support and comfort that's second to none. It offers zonal support for perfect spinal alignment. This system eliminates roll-together so less partner disturbance.
Ultraflex 1000 Mini Pocket Springs - An added layer of Mini-pocket springs will contour perfectly to the shape of every size and style of body.
Zoned Support - Enjoy head-to-toe zonal support to provide total spinal and body support. The mattress is firmer in areas where greater support is needed, such as the lumber region and softer in other areas, surrounding the hips and shoulders.
Eco Comfort Layer - Featuring natural materials engendered from sustainable sources, the Eco Comfort layer is fully recyclable and highly breathable, allowing air to pass through for an invigorating and refreshing night's sleep. Fibres have been intelligently constructed vertically to offer extra support and help you move freely through the night.
Hypo-Allergenic - Dust mites cannot survive on the product, allowing a healthy environment and peaceful sleep, which is ideal for Asthma and allergy sufferers.
Soft Knit Fabric Cover - Upholstered in a soft to the touch fabric to create a luxurious and smooth sleeping surface.
Side Stitching - Extends the sleeping area to the mattress edge by supporting the mattress walls.
Chemical Free Fire Retardancy Cover - Flame retardant cover without the use of any chemical treatments, providing a fresh and clean sleeping environment.
100% Recyclable - This mattress is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

King Size Mattress | 5'0" / 120cm

Ideal for planet savers. Eco-friendly mattresses with sustainable fibres for a breathable & refreshing sleep that doesn’t cost the earth Highly breathable so you can enjoy a rejuvenating and refreshing night’s sleep. Made from recycled plastic bottles, our EcoComfort Fibre™ brings you incredible comfort that won’t cost the planet. or your pocket Allows you to move freely throughout the night and offers you superior support eco breathe ideal for hot sleepers. Eco-friendly mattresses featuring our innovative Microclimate System™ for your most refreshing night’s sleep. The Coolmax™ sleep surface wicks away moisture, creating a cooling effect on your body. The EcoBreathe Fibre™ channels moisture away from your body to prevent overheating through the night. The EcoComfort Fibre™ naturally evaporates moisture to maintain a clean, fresh and healthy sleeping environment, night after night.

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