How Much is a Good Night’s Sleep Worth to You?

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Courtesy of Harrison Sprinks - Their beds can be found in store

Ask yourself this: How much is a good night’s sleep worth to you? At Harrison Spinks, we value our sleep and understand how important it is, that’s why our beds are made to the highest quality, with luxurious natural ingredients. However many of us overlook the importance of investing in the right mattress.

The Sleep Council recommends we change our mattress every seven years, which equates to 2,555 days. So for just £1 a night, you could be enjoying a good quality £2,555 bed.

If you’re struggling to justify spending a bit more on your mattress this handy coffee analogy will help you put things into perspective: spending £2.40 on a takeaway coffee every day equates to £6,132 over seven years. Even if you only buy a coffee five days a week and take holidays into account, the figure is around £4,000. Imagine the quality of bed you could purchase for this amount!

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