Summertime is here - Make sure you have a refreshing bed!

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This weekend is the official beginning of British Summer Time when the clocks go forward - meaning we all lose an hour of precious sleep. 

No one likes to lose sleep but sadly life often means you don't always get what you want. The importance of a good bed can never be understated, it's something you tend not to think about as everyone is so used to their own bed. It's only when we start to try new beds that we realise quiet how uncomfortable our old beds may be. This isn't to say all old beds are bad, we've had customers who bought beds off us 18 years ago and they are still going strong, but it's something to be aware of, beds don't last forever, and once they start to go then your sleep starts to suffer.

A good bed is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and when you think about it, a few hundred pounds for something you will use for the next 8 or so years isn't bad. 8 years isn't far off 3000 days, meaning that a £300 mattress is only 10p a night. A classic Brit probably spends more on tea bags than their bed (if your tea habit is anything like mine!).

March is national bed month, and at Coast Road Furniture we have plenty of beds to suit every body. We always pass manufacturers offers onto our customers so we tend to always have some sort of deal in store. We don't dress these deals up as mega savings like some stores, we're just sticking to our values of being fair and straight with customers. Right now we have king size beds for the price of a double on our Hypnos, Harrison, and Silentnight beds. We also have our long standing £199 Pocket Sprung mattress offer in stock for immediate delivery. 

Call in this weekend and have a lie down, see what suits you best

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