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Published by Harrison beds - June 2017


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Buying a mattress is a big decision – after all you spend a third of your life sleeping, therefore it is imperative you find the mattress that is just right for you. At Harrison they understand the importance of your mattress, so they’ve come up with 20 hints for when the new mattress buying time comes around…


  1. Take time – don’t rush into this decision. It’s tempting with today’s’ busy lifestyles to make a snap decision based on time or finance, but selecting a correctly supportive and comfortable bed can seriously improve your health. After all, it’s the most used piece of furniture you’ll buy, doesn’t it deserve the appropriate time and attention for that reason alone!
  2. We start “looking” for a mattress but what we’re really searching for is a good night’s sleep, something you can’t see but you can feel. Try before you buy.
  3. Do some research before buying a mattress, this way you are aware of what bed and mattress types are on the market and this will give you a basic idea of the benefits of each.
  4. Make a note of all the things you really enjoy about your current bed and want to repeat and list those things you’re unhappy with and would want to avoid this time around.
  5. Use the knowledge of the sales advisor in the showroom to ask all your questions, they are there to help and will guide you through the process from start to finish. Most are highly trained and can genuinely help.
  6. Financial constraints often determine how much we spend but we’ll often stretch for something we really want. What value do we put on waking up refreshed to face the day? £1000 over ten years for two people is only 13.6 pennies per night!
  7. The correct support to ensure natural spinal alignment is the absolute priority. When in the showroom, lie on the mattresses in your usual sleeping position for at least 10 minutes, if you share a bed with a partner, it’s really important to try together.
  8. Don’t compromise, find one which correctly cradles both partners and opt for dual firmness or zipped and linked if necessary.
  9. Try not to feel self-conscious when testing beds, relax, – you need to find the right bed, so get into your favourite sleeping positions, move around – don’t be shy! Wear clothing you’re happy to lie down in and remove outer garments which hinder the “feel”.
  10. Pick a new pillow at the same time, the position of the head and therefore the neck and spine are crucial in finding comfort.
  11. Don’t try too many mattresses when out shopping, trying lots may confuse you. Find your favourite and keep comparing to that. You’ll know you’ve found the right bed as the heavier parts of your body such as the shoulder, hips and knees are correctly supported with no pressure points and your spine aligned.
  12. If space allows, avoid a small mattress with the obvious disadvantages of less room and an increased chance of disturbances between you and your partner, it can also strain your back. The larger the bed the more likely you are to get a good night’s sleep
  13. Consider changing your bed base, as a mattress is designed to contour to you, it will also contour to the base. Whilst it may look in good shape today, ask yourself if the base will last another ten years. An old base can ruin a new mattress pretty quickly.
  14. Avoid a mattress too soft for you as this will cause your hips and shoulders to pinch in and the spine to curve downwards, putting pressure on joints and muscles.
  15. Avoid something too firm; a mattress which is firm puts unnecessary strain on your shoulder and hips and is unlikely to support the lumber region of the spine.
  16. Look for good quality ticking – your mattress needs to be tough and tear resistant if you want it to last.
  17. Preferably go for a pocket spring mattress, the springs offer you superior support, adjusting to your body contours and will cause less disruption to your partner when moving around.
  18. Look for natural fillings in a mattress such as wool and cotton, they have unique temperature regulating properties, are extremely durable and offer luxurious comfort.
  19. Buy from an accredited NBF Manufacturer to ensure your mattress is clean, safe and honest. Look for the NBF Approved Label.
  20. Don’t rush; you’re going to be spending the next 8/10 years on this mattress so you have to make sure it’s the right one.


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