Avoiding hidden charges from furniture stores

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In today's world where consumers seem to get fleeced from all angles with hidden fees and added charges you have to buy furniture with a degree of care. The obvious extra that many stores lump onto you is a delivery charge. These charges can vary in value but there's also a second point you should watch out for, where are they charging you to deliver to? Are they just delivering to your door or will they also take it into the room. This could be a problem if you've order something large. Those who do charge tend to give you delivery slots along the lines of 8am to 8pm, not ideal if you've a busy day!

Another fee we've heard about recently is packaging disposal. This is a new one for us but apparently it is a thing! Furniture can be quite delicate and so should come well wrapped. This leaves you with an awful lot of packaging to get rid of. Whilst stores like ourselves have the facilities to recycle large quantities of various packaging it isn't so easy for the average home owner. 

There's also the failed delivery charges. Buy something and it turns out it won't actually fit through the door, well stores will charge you for that. We're not just talking about a lost deposit either, some do charge extra for failed delivery attempts.

Stores find a whole host of ways to add little extras onto a purchase so please do be careful. These fees can easily start at £50 which can be a large chunk of many purchases. Remember to always ask about extra charges before you buy, don't end up getting railroaded at the till!


For clarification, Coast Road Furniture

  • Has no delivery charges for local (25 mile radius) deliveries
  • Delivers you furniture to the room you want it and will set it up
  • Removes and Recycles all packaging 
  • We won't charge you if the furniture physically won't fit in your house
  • Has no hidden fees of any sort

The price on our furniture is the price you pay, we won't ever surprise you with extras. We don't leave our customers with a load of DIY and we don't take them for rides. It's why we've been going for over 45 years, we pride ourselves on customer care. 

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