What is a pocket sprung mattress?

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A pocket sprung mattress contains individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. This means the springs in a pocket sprung mattress work completely independently of one another and can provide your body with better pressure relieving support
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What are the differences between pocket sprung, open coil and memory foam mattresses?

Traditional, open coil mattresses consist of a spring system where each individual spring is connected and lined together within a wire frame. A standard double open coil mattress will contain 200-400 springs that move as one unit, so if you toss and turn in your sleep, you are more likely to disturb your partner. Pocket sprung mattresses tend to have a much higher spring count than open coil mattresses thus offering greater support and as pocket springs move independently from one another, they will contour to your body more effectively.

A memory foam mattress is an alternative to a pocket sprung mattress or an open coil mattress. The heat of your body softens the memory foam, allowing the mattress to adapt to your shape. Some people swear by memory foam mattresses but memory foam is prone to holding its heat a little too well. Whilst more modern memory foam mattresses at Coast Road Furniture are vastly cooler than those of 10 years+ ago, they are still more prone to overheating your body than natural filled and sprung mattresses.

What are the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress?

Perfect spinal alignment is key to a goodnight’s sleep. As pocket springs move independently from one another, the mattress can adapt to your individual body shape providing you tailored support where you need it the most. It also means that you can move about in your sleep without the whole mattress responding (and disturbing your partner!),

Pocket sprung mattresses are designed to relieve the build-up of pressure points as the weight of your body is distributed across many different springs.

How many springs? How firm?

In general pocket sprung mattresses have 1,000-4,000 pocket springs (measured using the industry standard king size mattress). The likes of our Harrison Beds mattresses are more in the 5,000-12,000 range using their sophisticated and patented spring technology, to give springs within springs, and microspring layers. 

Theoretically more is better, but as with all mattresses it's what feels best for you which is actually the best. The higher the number of springs, the greater the support you will receive from your mattress.

Due to their high levels of support pocket sprung mattresses tend to be in the medium to firm range. It is unusual to find a soft pocket sprung mattress without a significant pillow top layer. 

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