Choosing a Pet Friendly Carpet

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Pet friendly carpet?
There are a lot of things to consider when figuring out what carpet will withstand pets and their "accidents". Will it show stains? Should I choose one colour or patterned? Is it going to be durable? Is there such a thing as a pet friendly carpet!?

Accidents can and will happen
We all love our pets, but we also know that especially dogs can be messy. Accidents will and do happen. You might think that vinyl flooring is the best option; Especially during that messy puppy stage. It’s inexpensive, waterproof, scratch and stain resistant. Keeping up with your pet is time consuming and vinyl eases the load (it’s practically puppy proof).

However, choosing practicality doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the comfort and warmth a carpet can offer, that snug feeling only carpet can give.

Easy clean carpets
Carpet technology and new innovations in manufacturing techniques mean that you and your four-legged friends don’t miss out on the benefits of a beautiful, carpeted home.

Remember, carpet is nonslip (no skidding or scratching floors with their claws). Plus, carpets have noise cancelling properties.

Look for an easy clean polypropylene carpets such as Stainfree, invincible and easy clean ranges. The fibres help resist the inevitable muddy paws and pet accidents from ruining your carpet.

Using the latest no-stain technology, which helps to prevent unsightly marks, dirt, and any little accidents that might happen. The fibres of these carpets slow stains from setting in and leave them untraceable once cleaned up.

These ranges come with stain free guarantees from 10 years all the way up to lifetime, designed for busy homes and designed to last.

The strength of your carpet is just as important as the way it cleans. Carpets need strength to withstand any random bursts of energy and playtime.

Durability is down to two main components: material and pile. Pile is the way the fibres are finished, which alters the way your carpet behaves. More compact, tighter piles are suited to homes with pets.

Opt for a cut pile over a loop pile. Although loop pile is great in high traffic areas, be aware that pets are more likely to get their claws stuck and cause unsightly pulls.

Cleaning and maintenance
As we have mentioned regular maintenance is important and recommended, but not just for pet friendly carpet! It’s always important to look after your carpets to make sure they live their optimal lifeline.

Regular hoovering will remove pet hair, dust, and dirt. Any spills or accidents should be cleaned immediately to minimise staining or any lingering odours. It’s best to keep up with your carpet regularly so that it is a short and quick clean, and prevents your pets from picking up any possibly harmful bacteria.

Other than bacteria, there can also be loose fibres over time from the carpet, fur and dust. Keeping up with the cleaning paired with Stainfree technology means that your carpet will always look good as new (no matter what messes our furry friends make).


Information from Abingdon Flooring - One of the many fine manufacturers we stock

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