The Benefits of Wool Carpets

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Wool carpets have many benefits, from feeling soft and warm underfoot, to their many advantages due to their natural make-up.

Wool by its very nature is organic, biodegradable and is of course totally renewable. Not only does its natural makeup feel great for your feet you can walk easy knowing it is also kind to the environment. From berber twists to contemporary wool loops, wool carpets are known for their resilience for use throughout the home.

Wool carpets are naturally hard wearing and so are suitable for all rooms of your home, including heavy wear areas such as hallways and stairs. Wool has a natural ‘crimp’ in the fibre meaning that a wool carpet has the ability to bounce back after being trodden on, perfect for a busy home. All our wool carpets at Coast Road Furniture are specially selected with moth resistance, to further add to their natural resistances. 

It goes without saying that wool is an excellent natural insulator. helping to keep the warmth in and the cold out, it is ideal for rooms with cold floors, or to help act as a barrier between floors at home. It is also safe for use in rooms with fireplaces as wool is also a fire retardant, natural fibre- nature’s own safety feature.

Wool loop and wool twist carpets are known for their high-quality feel and texture, adding a touch of luxury to any home. Wool twist ranges are generally known for their denser pile, creating a hard wearing carpet ideal for family homes. Wool loop carpets give a unique textured feel that you just know is of high quality - ideal for the contemporary or classic interiors. 

Find out more about our Wool Loop and Twist carpets here - and arrange your free, no obligation home quotation. 

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